Explore the much-anticipated Deborah Bell exhibition – Dreams of Immortality.

Deborah Bell is one of South Africa’s most acclaimed artists and her exhibition Dreams of Immortality is probably one of the most important of Deborah’s works to be shown.

The series ranges from small delicately finished bronzes and monumental towering sculptures to works on paper, oil paintings, and prints from her recent series of works printed at the David Krut Studios.

The recognisable symbols and figures, which have appeared in her earlier works, are present again in this body of works. With vast canvases and sheets of Chinese paper heavily worked with layers of paint and altered into objects of beauty; a guardian like-dog stands in boat moving across the water, a rider suspended above a horse.

When: Open until 27th June
Where: Everard Read Gallery, Rosebank
How much: Free entrance
Website: http://www.everard-read.co.za/?m=2&idkey=928


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